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Staying Strong, Staying Together

Intensive Family Support Service

We have put together a team of local Family Support Workers for the purpose of offering support to families living in Broome, Derby and surrounds who are at risk of having their children placed in state care. The focus of this program is on helping families to stay strong and together by working with the family to create a safe, supportive and nurturing home environment. This program also works with families who are participating in the reunification of a child.

All of the families we work with face lots of challenges. Access to our program is through a referral from Child Protection & Family Support, though families wishing to reunify with their children can self-refer to gain access to our support. The role of this program is to assist families to address child protection concerns that have been identified as placing children at risk. This can mean working with, and between two stories. Our program has been designed to work in ways that acknowledges the impact that Intergenerational Trauma has had on the lives of many people in our region. It is a program that recognises the severe consequences that trauma has had, on the social and emotional wellbeing of people and their families.

Family Care Support Service

Is a program that has been developed to offer practical support to families living in Broome, Derby and surrounds who are looking after a family member in a Kinship Care or Family Care arrangement, because their family member is in state care. This could be a young person living with an aunty, uncle, a grandparent, or even an older brother or sister. The program we offer can provide practical supports, access to other specialist services, as well as parenting and child development advice, parenting skills development, and cultural support and knowledge.

This program recognises that children in care will have experienced a high level of trauma that can show itself through difficult and sometimes challenging behaviours. Our role is to work with Kinship Care Families to support them to maintain a stable, loving and nurturing home environment where the child continues to benefit from the love and connection to family and culture. Support services offered, are tailored to each family’s specific needs, and our team of local Support Workers are committed to building each family’s capacity to maintain their Kinship Care Placement.

Services funded by Western Australia’s Department of Communities

Our Service Locations – Centacare Kimberley – Broome, Derby and surrounds.

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