Emergency Relief

 Service Charter:

  • Centacare Kimberley is committed to treating all people with respect and dignity.
  • Centacare Kimberley will request that when seeking support you will provide a Centrelink Income Statement.
  • Centacare Kimberley will offer people in need either a food voucher, or a clothing voucher, or access to our breakfast program.
  • To access Emergency Relief people will be asked to talk about what has happened and why they are seeking support.
  • Centacare Kimberley will offer support to only one member of a family or group living in the same house.
  • Unless people can show that something unusual has happened, they will not be eligible for assistance if they have received a Centrelink payment within 3 days or are to receive their next payment within 24 hours.
  • To be able to help as many people as possible, each person is eligible to only three food or clothing vouchers per year. If a person can show that things are really bad we will offer additional support.
  • Clothing Vouchers are provided for one change of clothes and for a blanket or a sheet if available.
  • Centacare Kimberley will NOT provide any support to a person we believe has been drinking or is under the influence of drugs.
  • If you believe Centacare Kimberley has treated you disrespectfully, or, that we have not listened properly, you have the right to complain. Please ask to meet with Centacare Kimberley’s Manager.

Available ER Services:

Through funding received from the Department of Social Services and Lotterywest Centacare Kimberley is able to offer a range of supports to people on Centrelink Income Payment who are experiencing financial hardship in Broome, Kununurra and Balgo. We provide eligible people with food and clothing vouchers, and can give people access to food items and home starter packs when available.

Our Emergency Relief Services are available from:

Broome – 25 Robinson Street 9am – 12noon  Monday to Friday

 25 Robinson St, Broome, 9192 2293  – Contact Person: Br. Peter or Shanalah


 9am – 3 pm  Monday to Friday
Parish House, Balgo, 91688969.  Contact Person: Fr. Ernest Kandie


9am – 3 pm  Monday to Friday
1 Leichhardt St, Kununurra, 9168 1027. Contact Person: Fr. Joel Nyongesa


9am – 12pm  Monday to Friday
Ngunga Women’s Resource Centre, 91931455. Contact Person: Mrs. Fran Clements


9am – 12pm  Monday to Friday
56 GN Highway, Joongari House, 91611383. Contact Person: Mrs. Pam Barrett


PO Box 1100 Kununurra, 919687881. Contact Person: Sr. Theresa

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                                                                                       Br. Peter (Broome)                          FR Joel (Kununurra)

For general ER information contact:  admin@centacarekimberley.org.au


Breakfast Programme:

 New_1_DSCF0040800x413.jpg    Kitchen Staff at McMahon Breakfast Centre

                                        Our Breakfast Centre                                  The Team at our Breakfast servery

Centacare Kimberley offers people who are sleeping rough in the Broome region, along with people who are facing financial hardship, a free nutritional meal three times a week. The only criteria for accessing the Breakfast Program is that a person is on a Centrelink income payment and that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Breakfast Program runs from Fr. McMahon Place which is located at 27 Robinson Street, Broome.

Service times are
8.00am — 9.00am
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Our dedicated Breakfast Program team is:
Outreach Officers: Kim, Rebecca and Kieren .  Kitchen Staff: Bradley and several volunteers
The breakfast centre is open every Sunday for lunch from 11am – 12.30pm

For all enquiries please call 08 9192 2293 or contact:  admin@centacarekimberley.org.au