The Move to Town Program

We are excited to support you in your journey towards moving to Town. If your application and assessment is approved for this program it is important to understand expectations from moving from community life into town living. We want you to succeed in your move, it won’t be possible without your effort and learning how to retain and maintain your potential Tenancy Agreement with the Housing Authority. There is an extensive waitlist process and limited housing stock in the region, so if you are given an opportunity in this program it is importantto acknowledge and understand this information while you are enquiring for the program.

If you are not sure, have a question, are worried about your household, contact Centacare staff member.

Broome Office: 25 Robinson Street. 9192 2293   Mrs Priscilla and Katy

Derby Office: 2/47 Loch Street. 9193 1946  Mr Tauri Louden