Reintegration Support Service

Centacare Kimberley has officially been awarded the Reintegration Support Services for the Kimberley Region through the Department of Corrective Services.

Aims: To provide a support plan based on the clients needs and requirements to assist them inside the correctional facility, to better prepare them for their release date back into the community. This plan will also help us guide the clients through more positive outcomes post-release. The more detailed the clients needs are spelt out, within what the Reintegration Programme is contracted to do, the better is the programme is able to deliver them benefits. This support is provided post release for a period of 12 months.

Objectives: To support prisoners while incarcerated with things such as:

  1. Obtaining relevant ID Documents.
  2. Transport back to their communities.
  3. Directing them to Housing Support Programmes and Rehabilitation Services.
  4.  Advocate connecting with family in their home community.
  5. Giving them support training and Work Outcomes.
  6. Identify strategies to help them make better life choices.
  7. Refer them to specialist services as needed.

The Team:

Henry Williams   (

Rhys Bucknall          (

Damien Manado     (

Samantha Aldridge (

Team Leader: Henry Williams


Phone: 91922293